The Yancheng Rainbow Textile Co.,Ltd was founded in 2005,but we have more than 10 years experience on the textile exp- orting business.In fiscal year 2008, we had the value of export of more than 2.3 billion,and ranked 1st on the Yancheng text- ile export corporations.

We manufacture and offer the 100% cotton sheets and comforters,like dobby stripe and satin grid and so on,as well as the blend sheet sets and comforters.And the 100%polyester sheet sets and comforters,like microfiber,satin and so on,with embroidery and jacquard,as well as the printing fabric for 100%cotton/polyester/TC.And deserve to say that we have the annual productivity of manufacturing six million sheet sets and one million comforters and ten million meters fabric. Based on our proficiency in rich experience,we dedicate ourselves to the providing high-quality goods with lowest price. We are located in the Dafeng Economical and Industrial area,and squares 13377m3.Based on our lowest price, exquisite&fine workmanship,as well as the customer-oriented services,we won a wery good reputation and have many returned customers.


We can understand precisely and timely what you need and then provide a professional and creative designs,making samples.Since we established,we have won a high admiration and is widely trusted at home and abroad,and obey the principle of "Your satisfaction,Our Pursue,"That's why we can ship mang containers every month,and well appreciated by their purchaser.
Lastly,Let's shout it out:Let our commodities go to every corner of the world!

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Contact: Suly   +86-515-83335566
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